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Georgia Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Attorneys Can Protect Your Family

Divorce, at its most basic, is the legal action taken to end a marriage. Unlike in previous decades, divorce does not require a legal justification. Thanks to “no-fault” divorce laws, no single person must be “at-fault” for causing the divorce. Instead, anyone in a marriage is free to leave that marriage under the umbrella of “irreconcilable differences.” The greatest difficulty in any divorce, even between the most cooperative spouses, is the assignment of property and custody. High-tension situations can arise out of deciding who gets what, especially when it comes to alimony or child custody.

High-tension situations, especially between couples who have a history of conflict, can erupt into full-on litigation battles. Our attorneys avoid these situations to the best of our ability. Our attorneys are trained and certified mediators, and others have years of experience conducting negotiations between combative parties in complex financial and emotional circumstances. We believe the best divorce agreements are written cooperatively, not begrudgingly.

This is especially true for parents, as children are often the most harmed and traumatized by a painful divorce process. The highest priority in The Law Offices of Michael D. Reynolds approach is insulating children from the emotional wounds that come from a tense divorce. Many of our attorneys have gone through divorces, either as parents or as children. They are intimately familiar with the injuries a divorce can inflict on a family’s sense of well-being and togetherness, and they fight their hardest to facilitate peace in a cooperative environment.

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